Park Bo Gum Took His Friendship with V to the Next Level at Recent BTS Concert

Park Bo Gum’s so cute.

BTS recently had their BTS World Tour LOVE YOURSELF Hong Kong concert, and photos and videos of actor Park Bo Gum was shared in online communities almost instantly.

(Twitter: @ayahbtsfan)

The photos and videos show Park Bo Gum sitting in the audience holding an ARMY bomb, looking like just a regular BTS fan.

Some closeup shots show that Park Bo Gum was wearing a comfortable t-shirt and glasses.

(Twitter: @jenifaae)

At one point, he even wore a chocker with a rabbit on it, which only added to his adorable look.

In those shots, Park Bo Gum also held a sign that appears to be the first character of V’s name, Taehyung.

(Weibo: redderbogum616)

Those who spotted this recent display of Park Bo Gum and V’s friendship are truly blessed to have seen both BTS and Park Bo Gum in one sitting.

Park Bo Gum is currently 27 years old, making him 2 years older than V, and it’s been said that they became friends while Park Bo Gum was a host on KBS’s Music Bank.

Source: Insight