Park Bo Young Just Did a Live Broadcast, and She Literally Looked Half Her Age

Can you believe Park Bo Young is 30 years old in Korean age?

Park Bo Young recently held a live broadcast for her fans, and it made it hard for everyone to believe that she’s actually 30 years old in Korean age.

During the broadcast, Park Bo Young flaunted a short bob cut and wore a casual checkered shirt with very light makeup on.

The actress chatted with her fans for 55 whole minutes where she talked about everyday things in her adorably sweet voice.

When one fan told Park Bo Young that they wanted her ice cream, she provided the friendly fan service of replying, “It’s grape flavored.

And when other fans kept bringing up marriage, Park Bo Young sprung up and exclaimed, “People keep telling me to get married when I’m only 30!

What drew particular attention to this broadcast was the fact that despite being 30 years old, Park Bo Young looked like a young high school student.

She’s always been known to show off her youthful visuals, but this broadcast truly makes one wonder, “What’s your secret, Bo Young?

Source: Dispatch