Park Bo Young Reveals That She’s Actually Been More Busy During Quarantine, Here’s Why

The reason why is extremely heartwarming.

Many would assume that Korean celebrities are not very busy during quarantine, as many of them are not working during this time. This isn’t the case for Park Bo Young, as she been quite busy during this time.

On a live broadcast, fans were curious about whether Park Bo Young was enjoying her time being out of work.

Park Bo Young has been quite busy during this time, as she has been constantly going to her sister’s house.

It’s revealed that Park Bo Young has become an aunt, so she’s been diligently taking care of her nephew whenever she has the opportunity. Since Park Bo Young is out of work currently, she has dedicated a lot of her free time to watching her nephew.

More in-depth details are shared, as Park Bo Young tries to convince everyone that she’s been a busy person.

The bulk of her days consists of watching her nephew and doing all the basic tasks, such as playing with him, feeding him, naps, etc.

Once her sister comes home from work, then Park Bo Young can go home. Park Bo Young’s day doesn’t end yet, as she has some other duties she has to fulfill.

Since many people assume that she has a lot of free time, Park Bo Young also has a lot of people that want to catch up with her.

Overall, Park Bo Young tells everyone that she’s been quite busy during this time.

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