Park Bo Young Reveals Story Of How A Deer Ruined Her Hard Work

Park Bo Young also shared how she’s going to get “revenge” on the deer.

Park Bo Young recently shared a hilarious story of how her hard work was suddenly ruined due to a deer.

The story happened when Park Bo Young went to the countryside to do some farming with her family.

The main thing she planted was lettuce, and she ended up planting nearly 200 plants!

Park Bo Young was in for a shock when she was having a phone call with her mother, and she broke the news that a deer had eaten all of her plants.

Park Bo Young was upset by this, as she worked extremely hard on the lettuce plants, and even bought a bunch of gear to help with the farming.

Park Bo Young then shared that she was going to “retaliate” by planting some hot peppers instead of lettuce for the deer next time she goes farming.

Here’s the full video below!