Park Bo Young Tells Fans How To Know If She’s In A Relationship

Park Bo Young talked about how her kiss scenes did not always look so natural and how to tell if she’s in a relationship.

Park Bo Young recently held an interview and she talked about her her feelings about kiss scenes and her lack of dating experience.

She was asked how she felt about the many kiss scenes in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and mentioned that she feels like she improved at acting out kiss scenes.

“Does it look like I improved? My parents were surprised seeing my first kiss scene in my last drama (Oh My Ghostess). This time, I didn’t tell them that there would be a kiss scene. It seems like it’s a taboo subject with them.”

— Park Bo Young

When asked about the idea of acting in a melodrama, Park Bo Young revealed that her lack of dating experience may hinder her ability to fully embrace her potential character.

“I haven’t been able to have a relationship where it really tears at my heart yet. That’s why I haven’t taken any deep melodrama roles. There’s a difference between what you know and what you don’t. I don’t want to lie about my emotions. I chose roles in ‘Werewolf Boy’ and ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ because they were fresh and lovely roles.”

— Park Bo Young

Finally, she hinted that her fans would be able to know when she experiences a serious relationship.

“If I ever appear in a dark, serious melodrama, you’ll know that it’s because I was able to experience that serious, heart tearing relationship.”

— Park Bo Young

Source: Korea Economy