Park Bom Burst Into Tears At Fansign After A Fan Shows Her A Special Gift

Whatever he showed her made Bom super emotional.

During a fansign on March 31, 2019, Park Bom burst into tears after meeting a particular fan.

As Bom signed for the fan, the fan showed her a sketchbook. The fan flipped through the sketchbook while seemingly explaining what’s on each page and allowed Bom time to read and react.

Either one page in particular or the whole collection made Bom emotional, and she started crying as the fan is flipping through it.

As the fan left, Bom’s staff shielded her crying face from the audience with a blanket while she collected herself.

The emotions kept coming, as a teary eyed Bom moved on to the next fan. After speaking with him, Bom once again wipes her tears.

At one point Bom has to duck behind the table to gain her composure

The exact contents of the sketchbook are still unknown, but it was a “sketchbook letter” put together by either this one fan, or by many fans. The letter likely contained drawings and/or loving words of encouragement detailing just how much Bom meant to the fan as well as Blackjacks and Bomshells everywhere.

After all of the backlash she faced due to her 2014 drug scandal, it’s no surprise that the outpouring of love she now receives is sometimes overwhelming. We hope to see Bom getting more love and support in the future.

Watch the heartwarming moment below: