Park Bom Showed up on the Streets of Sinchon and Busked Her New Song, “Spring”

That crowd is so blessed.

Park Bom recently showed up on the streets of Sinchon, Seoul and busked her new song, “Spring” with her amazing vocals.

The performance started off with the singer Almeng singing the first part of the song, and once he got the crowd’s attention, Park Bom, who was secretly hiding out in the back, made a surprise appearance and sang her new song for everyone to hear.

Park Bom appeared wearing a sleek black outfit and danced with the other background dancers during the performance.

And despite being outside on a crowded street, she showed off her unwavering vocals and impressed all that watched.

The blessed crowd couldn’t help but applaud at her high notes and the confidence that shined through.

Watch Park Bom’s street performance of “Spring” in the link below:

Source: Insight