Park Bom Reveals The Two Artists She Most Wants To Collaborate With

The two artists are complete opposites.

Park Bom recently made a comeback with her mini album ‘Spring’ which featured a title song of the same name. The mini and song were huge hits as fans were overjoyed to have the former 2NE1 member back.

She released the song with her former groupmate Dara which made Blackjacks around the world beyond happy. Dara isn’t the only artist that Bom wants to collaborate with however, in response to a fan she revealed the two artists she most wants to collaborate with.

The interesting thing about these two artists is how different they are in terms of style.

The first artist is Girls Generation’s Taeyeon who also made her own comeback recently with “Four Seasons”. The two idols with beautiful vocals would combine to create an amazing combo.

The second is RM from BTS whose name she affectionately wrote as ‘Rapmon’ in her message. RM’s effortless rap flow combined with Bom’s vocal power would be a sight to behold.