Park Bom Rumored To Guest On Immortal Song + Teases New Music During V LIVE Broadcast

BOMshells are praying for these rumors to be true.

Park Bom took to V LIVE on June 19 after a recording session, and the short broadcast has fans excited that new music may be on its way. Seconds before ending the less-than-five-minute broadcast, she leaned into the microphone and sang a short line: “I will protect you“.

Immediately after singing she laughs and ends the broadcast. Famous Korean composer Kim Kyungbum also uploaded pictures with Bom on his Instagram saying that he just completed recording with Bom. New music might be on the way sooner than we think.

In the photo with Kim Kyungbum, Bom holds up 2NE1’s handsign

It’s been less than 2 months since Park Bom came back with “4:44”, but BOMshells are already ready for more Bom. (I mean, who isn’t?)

This short “teaser” comes amidst rumors circulating online that Bom will be a guest on Immortal Song 2. A video has surfaced online of Bom and veteran YG Entertainment singer Gummy allegedly together at KBS.

Nothing has been confirmed by Park Bom, her label D-Nation, or KBS as of this time.