Park Bom’s Latest Tweets Suggest She May Still Be Part of YG Entertainment

Despite having taken a step out of the limelight in recent years, Park Bom has recently hinted that she is still working with YG Entertainment.

Recently, Park Bom took to Twitter to post a beach photo of herself with the caption “I’m going back”. The post received a wide range of responses, as each person interpreted the tweet differently. Soon, many users were talking about a potential solo comeback.

One fan asked her to go back to the studio and release a studio album since the fans are missing her so much. Park Bom replied to the fan, telling her to ask “YG” and “Teddy”, one of YG Entertainment’s main producers and responsible for many of 2NE1‘s songs.

The reply definitely seemed like a hint, informing her beloved fans that she is still a YG Entertainment artist and that a possible solo album may come in the future.

This isn’t the first time Park Bom hinted that she was still a YG Entertainment artist. Earlier in the year, she left a reply to a fan, acting surprised that the fan thought she left YG Entertainment.