Park Bom’s Upcoming “4:44” Deemed Unfit For Broadcast For The Same Reason BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” Was

They both apparently broke the same laws.

In KBS‘ 4th week music video review released April 26, among the videos that were considered unfit for broadcast was Park Bom‘s as-of-yet unreleased music video for “4:44”.

KBS cited a traffic law violation as the reason for the ban – the same reason BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love” was banned.

KBS didn’t specify which traffic law was violated, but in the teaser Park Bom is jaywalking in a tunnel, which might be the reason.

KBS does allow for material to be resubmitted for approval, so since the video has yet to be released it is possible that D-NATION, Park Bom’s entertainment company, will choose to edit the video so that it complies with KBS’ guidelines.

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