Park Bom Seem Unsure Whether She Left YG Entertainment

Park Bom responded to a fan and left a rather vague reply about her true departure from YG Entertainment.

A fan recently asked Park Bom if she was happy after leaving YG Entertainment via a Tweet and got this rather ambiguous response in return: “I did??? Kkk I left YG??

Park Bom’s vague response immediately sparked speculation among her fans as to what exactly she meant. Her affiliation has been an ongoing mystery, especially since 2NE1’s disbandment last year. During the disbandment, it was widely reported that CL and Dara were the only members to have renewed their contract. Minzy continued to sign with Music Works Agency, while news of Bom’s contract renewal or possible move to another agency remained unclear.

This is not the first time that Bom has responded to speculations via her personal Twitter account. Last February 4th, she defended her former boss and described Yang Hyun Suk as a “person of greatness”.

Park Bom may or may not have opted to not renew her contract with the agency, but her vague reply has been taken as a hint at upcoming plans.