Park Hae Soo Talks About What It Was Like To Kiss Krystal

Here’s what it feels like to kiss Krystal.

Park Hae Soo guested on tvN Life Bar as part of the show’s Prison Playbook special and talked about his first ever kiss scenes with Krystal.

He mentioned he felt very comfortable around Krystal from the moment the first met. 2400

“We were comfortable around each other from the moment we met. She took good care of me. When she would walk toward me I though ‘wow that’s Ji Ho’ (Krystal’s character)”

Park Hae Soo and Krystal shared many kiss scenes during the drama, but Park Hae Soo revealed he was worried since this was his first kiss scene in a drama.

“I was quite obsessed with doing the kiss scenes [well]. I haven’t had a kiss scene before. The director and filming director even demonstrated it for us, how to hold each other and how our heads should be angled.” 2450

Heechul asked Park Hae Soo how he felt about the kiss scenes with Krystal, where he mentioned they lasted a long time, but helped him get closer with her.

“The kiss scenes took a while. There weren’t any NG’s, but one of our NG’s actually ended up getting broadcast. After the scene ended I tried to give off a more mature feeling. But after it all, I think we became closer through them.”

Park Hae Soo and Krystal played a couple who broke up, but slowly make up during Park Hae Soo’s time in prison.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang