Park Hyung Sik And BTS’s V Just Can’t Stop Teasing Each Other

What a V-eutiful friendship!

Since their appearance in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth together, Park Hyung Sik and BTS‘s V have remained friends. With his recent coffee truck gift, V showed that the friendship is still strong between the two!


To show support for Park Hyung Sik and his rookie lawyer role in the new K-Drama series Suits, V blessed the filming set with a coffee truck displaying his signature pose. Park Hyung Sik uploaded pictures on his Instagram account copying the classic V pose.


On a separate banner sign, V playfully made fun of Park Hyung Sik with a silly photo taken in the past. It read, “Aww sweet baby is so surprised! Our boy has grown up to become an associate lawyer, thanks to you all!”

Park Hyung Sik facepalmed next to the sign that teased him!


In the caption, Park Hyung Sik thanked “Taetae”, which is V’s nickname, and promised to return the favor when he could.

No explanations needed… #Next_Time_Hyungs_Will_Send_You_One #ThanksTaehyung #ILoveYouTaeTae

— Park Hyung Sik


Fans are glad to know the two acting idols keep in touch and remain close!