Park Hyung Sik Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To Park Seo Joon’s “Itaewon Class” Hairstyle

The realest of friends with the realest reactions.

Park Seo Joon donned a brand new hairstyle for his latest drama, Itaewon Class. Although he looked as stunning as ever, he himself was not a complete fan of the new look.

And his best buddy, Park Hyung Sik, also had something to say about his new look! Although Park Hyun Sik was serving his mandatory military service at the time, he made sure to take the time to let his pal know about his thoughts.

Park Seo Joon uploaded a video of himself attending a public event in Itaewon for his drama.

And Park Hyung Sik left a simple yet hilarious comment about his do! He wrote, “Ay where are there so many chestnuts on the streets.. I should pick some up and roast em..

Park Hyung Sik was referring to how Park Seo Joon looks like an adorable chestnut with his new hair cut!

Do you agree with Park Hyung Sik? Do you see a similarity?