Park Jihoon Poses For GQ Magazine And Dishes About Positive Energy, Acting, And His New Album

The young boy has grown up.

Park Jihoon held a photo shoot and interview with GQ magazine and revealed his thoughts about being positive, acting, and his new album.

It seems like you have changed from a boy to a man.

I wanted to change my style so I took a drastic challenge. I worked on getting some muscles and gained a bit of weight too.

We heard that you are a lover of food.

I don’t starve. I’ve tried all the diets out there from eating once a day, intermittent fasting but I don’t think starving is the right method for me. I like to eat a fair amount and exercise. I do one hour of cardio and one hour of weight training every day.

It looks like you are always overflowing with a bright and healthy energy. The public also remembers you as someone with aegyo, a cute smile and a friendly personality.

There are things that just come out depending on the person. I think my biggest energy is my positivity. It’s hard for me to stay still during this interview with everyone gathered around. I can’t help but want to liven up the mood and make everyone happy.

What are your goals as an actor?

I want to be able to have an eye to finding a great piece of work. I want to meet a project that has a meaningful and touching story that has a strong focus and message. I try to watch a lot of movies and dramas in my free time. I like movies that are heartwarming like Marathon.

Poses are another type of language for idols. We could compare you to having a variety of language when compared to the poses that you do.

Just like we have to use our muscles, doing poses is the same. My signature winks or poses don’t just come out of nowhere.

Your signature poses were also seen as your turning point in your career.

I think I really tried my hardest to get my pose right on time for the camera. I kept practicing my poses even when I wasn’t in the spotlight. At that time, there were three big cameras going around and I saw the right camera shoot right at me so I took it as my chance and luckily it made it onto the broadcast.

Your new album is called The W. Is there a chance we get to see your wink again?

I think I need to stop winking now (laughs). But I will think about it.

Is there anything new you tried musically?

I tried to rap this time. I felt really awkward doing it at first but now I’ve gained some confidence.

For you, what is the most important moment? Present, future, or past?

There is a line from the movie The Man From Nowhere that says “The man who lives only for tomorrow will die by the man who lives for today.” The present is the most important. I’m thinking about my new album the most these days. I make a comeback near my birthday. I don’t want to spend my birthday in a common way this year. I want to make it a birthday to remember. Out of all the months, May is the most precious month to me.

Listen to his new song below!