Park Jihoon Attempts The “Try Not To Smile Challenge”…But Has Mixed Results

Could you defeat Park Jihoon?

Park Jihoon is known for his duality, where he can be a person full of aegyo one moment.

He could also be a person full of charisma the next moment.

On a YouTube channel named KBS Kpop, Park Jihoon attempted the “try not to smile challenge” while watching cute videos. Even before the videos start playing, Jihoon has a hard time.

Jihoon begins by having decent results when the challenge begins, only giving off a few facial expressions.

Once a couple of videos have played, Jihoon starts to fail the challenge and can’t contain his facial expressions.

As more video continues to play, Jihoon still can’t contain his smile and fails the challenge multiple times.

Jihoon has to do a number of penalties if he fails the challenge, and one of those penalties was dancing to “All I Wanna Do” (Jay Park).

There were moments of Jihoon controlling his emotions well, such as when he saw a video of himself.

One video had Jihoon just burst out laughing and failing one of his attempts badly.

Here is the full video below!