Park Jihoon Is About To Become Your Favorite Hanbok-Wearing Hottie From Joseon

Get excited for the series premiere!

In his upcoming K-Drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, former Wanna One member turned soloist and actor Park Jihoon is definitely going to be overwhelming everyone with his visuals.


Just from the trailers revealed for the series premiere on September 16, 2019, Park Jihoon has already captured the eyes and hearts of viewers eager to watch the first episode!


In fact, Park Jihoon is an undeniably cute combination of soft and UWU in the traditional hanbok outfits…


… in all shades of silk, actually!


As ancient Joseon’s best “Image Consultant”, Park Jihoon’s role “Young Soo” gives clients makeovers so they can become “visual kings” in their villages and win over the women they love.


Park Jihoon’s cheeky and bubbly personality is bound to be a good fit for this role of confident and too-fabulous-for-Joseon Young Soo!


Intrigued? Watch the teaser here: