A Fan Asked Park Jihoon This Question As A Joke, His Response Was Completely Unexpected

The fan was taken aback.

Park Jihoon recently held a fansign event in celebration of the launch of his new album where he had an interesting interaction with a fan.

The fan came up to Park Jihoon and said, “You’ve done so well until now but I want you to fix just one thing for me.”


Without even a moment’s hesitation, Park Jihoon replied, “Oh, you’re heart?”


He quickly added, “Oh maybe I should’ve pretended not to know.”


The disappointed fan had apparently asked him to start over again and pretend that he didn’t know. Park Jihoon gladly accepted and asked, “What is it (that needs fixing)?”


When the fan replied, “My heart,” Park Jihoon said he would fix it for her since he’s a doctor (he was wearing a doctor’s coat).


Watch the full clip here:


Source: Twitter