Park Jihoon Was Fooled By A Fake Camera, So He Tricked CIX’s Bae Jinyoung

Bae Jinyoung didn’t sign up to be attacked like this.

The schedules of Park Jihoon and CIX‘s Bae Jinyoung recently aligned when they attended a shared fan signing event I’M MEME.


Proving they’re just as close as ever, despite their separate group and solo activities, Jihoon had a little fun with what he thought was a real camera.

Preparing to snap a photo, he held the camera up and posed. Instead of receiving a Polaroid, bubbles burst right out of it. He’d been so startled that he jumped. Still in shock, he stared at the device that fooled him and lowered it toward the table.

All he could do was laugh at how easily he’d been tricked, covering his mouth with his hand. Because of that, it sparked the clever idea to try it out on someone else.

With the camera in hand, he stood up and made his way over to Jinyoung.

He guided Jinyoung closer to him for what seemed to be a photo. Jinyoung didn’t suspect a thing, preparing his pose and looking straight at the camera. That’s when Jihoon let the bubbles loose. Jinyoung was startled just like Jihoon had been, jumping and moving backward.

Wanna One may not be actively promoting as a group, but they’ve still remained close, always ready to play jokes on each other.

See Park Jihoon flip being fooled into a new trick for Bae Jinyoung here.