Park Jihoon Goes Live With His Dog Max And Charms Viewers With Double The Visual

Fans can’t get enough of Park Jihoon and Park Max!

To prepare for his beloved dog Max’s first ever birthday party, Park Jihoon went live and broadcasted his pet-friendly cookie baking adventure. When Park Jihoon brought Max on to the set, he immediately became the proudest dog dad on the planet and fans couldn’t stop smiling at this pair!


Park Jihoon’s dog, Max the Schnauzer, has been with Park Jihoon since October 2018 when he was a part of Wanna One. Here’s Max when he was a small little two-month-old puppy, completely new to Park Jihoon’s care:


Since then, Max became widely beloved by Wanna One fans as the “12th Member of Wanna One”. Park Jihoon and Max were always seen together – and fans have realized they’re soulmates!


Over the months Max has gotten bigger and healthier – and as charming as his dad! Now a dashing one-year-old doggo, Max celebrated his birthday with Park Jihoon and his fans!


As soon as revealing Max to the viewers, Park Jihoon began commenting on how big Max got and how cute he is. Park Jihoon, like all dog owners, got busy showing off what a good boy Max is…


… and fans were able to see his heart instantly fill up with love for Max.


Fans also can’t help but notice how similar Park Jihoon and Max look. Yawning together to being alert together, they look like each other in different forms. That’s to say, Park Jihoon and Park Max are undeniably family!


Watch the full clip here: