Park Jihoon Says Wanna One Can’t Handle “Energetic” Like They Used To

It has been too long.

In a recent episode of Knowing Bros, former Wanna One member Park Jihoon appeared with his fellow cast of the new K-Drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.


While updating the show hosts with his latest endeavors and adventures, Park Jihoon shared a bit of detail about the Wanna One reunion that happened on August 7, 2019.

Yeah, we got together on August 7 to celebrate our two-year anniversary.

— Park Jihoon


He then explained how, in celebration of the meaningful debut date, the members tried to perform “Energetic” again. The show hosts, including Heechul, got goosebumps thinking about how emotional and meaningful that must have been…

Park Jihoon: And we tried to dance to ‘Energetic’ again, to kind of remember what it felt like when we were all together.
Heechul: Oh, that’s so touching.


… but Park Jihoon chuckled and revealed the truth –

It was amazing though… what a huge mess we were.

— Park Jihoon


He added, “It has been too long, really. We haven’t done the dance in a long time.” To which, Heechul agreed. Time does take its toll, on even the best teamworks.

Yeah, we get that. We become a complete mess too when we miss a single week of shooting!

— Heechul


Fans were happy to hear, though the dance may have faded away, that the brotherhood has stayed strong!


Watch the full clip below:

Wanna One