Park Jihoon Settles Fans’ “Very Big” Misunderstanding About His Personality

He’s actually the complete opposite of what they’re claiming.

During a TMI interview with GQ magazine, Park Jihoon was asked if there was something that other people could misunderstand about him.

He didn’t have to think of an answer. There was already one in his mind that he’d been waiting to address: his personality.

Off the top of his head, he began to repeat some of the comments that fans had made about him. The first ones were “Something like, ‘Jihoon is like a baby'” and “He’s very cute.” Those weren’t the only ones that came to mind.

He continued, “I really want to bite him,” “That person really [has] that personality,” and “He has a lot of aegyo“… The comments didn’t only refer to how cute or baby-like he was.

Park Jihoon mentioned two last ones, “He gets shy a lot. He’s a shy person.” The reason he pointed out these specific statements made by MAYs was to explain that they weren’t true to who he was as a person.

He admitted, “But, this is a very big misunderstanding.” His personality is the complete opposite of what those fans think.

Rather than being the baby-like cutie pie they claim, Park Jihoon revealed he didn’t seem himself like that. Thinking how to phrase his answer, he explained, “I’m a person who really [has] a scary personality.”

Because of that, he couldn’t be what some of those fans kept calling him, “So, I’m not a baby. I don’t get shy at all.” Although his adorable smile at the end seemed to contradict that, he definitely set the record straight.

Even though Park Jihoon may have his cute moments and mannerisms, that’s not his entire personality.

No wonder the Wanna One members said he was manly rather than cute. Listen to him get it off his chest here.