News Reporter Reveals Park Jihoon’s True Personality After Meeting Him Face To Face

She says he’s different on and off camera.

Park Jihoon recently visited Taiwan to host a solo fan meeting, as well as meet reporters for various interviews and photo shoots.


After meeting Park Jihoon for the first time in real life, one reporter uploaded her personal opinion about his true personality.


She revealed that “Park Jihoon is such a well-mannered celebrity” who truly appreciates everyone he works with. She said he’s actually “more energetic when he’s off camera than on camera“!


She also praised his visuals, claiming that “his photos don’t do his handsome visual any justice” and that she forgot how to speak when she made eye contact with him!


As expected of Park Jihoon, who’s as well-mannered as he is talented and stunning!


Read her full recollection of his personality below:

“He’s such a well-mannered celebrity. On his way to the bathroom, he ran into a reporter he interviewed with, and he greeted him with a smile. He’s more energetic when he’s off camera than on camera. Whenever he’s done with a shoot or an interview, he claps really hard once and shouts ‘Yay!’ He’s so cute that the room is always full of reporters and staffs’ laughter.

When you meet him, you notice how much taller he really is in real life and how his photos don’t do his handsome visual any justice. He has the most beautiful eyes that I forgot how to speak when we made eye contact.”

— Reporter

Source: Nate Pann

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