Park Jimin Cries After Meeting Fans Through A Guerilla Date

She was really thankful!

Park Jimin held a guerilla date in New York City where she met up with her fans, hung out with them, and even performed for them!

Interestingly, she was wearing a blindfold and couldn’t see the number of guests who attended her show. Fans also remained quiet throughout the show to avoid giving Jimin an idea of how much people came to see her! They were trying their best to contain their emotions silently!

She was asked to say a message to her guests without knowing if there were fans present at her show, but she thanked those who came and spent time with her nevertheless!

After her short but sweet message, she was asked to take her blindfold off to take a look at the audience, and to her surprise, an unexpected number of people welcomed her with cheers!

She ended up crying because of feeling overwhelmed with all the love and support she received. Fans cheered loudly for her and she couldn’t hide her grateful heart towards them.

She also personally went outside the venue to greet the fans watching her from outside and thank them for coming to see her. She also made sure to tell them to stay warm and to go home safely!

Both Jimin and her fans surely had a great time together!