Park Jimin Kept Making PENTAGON’s Kino So Nervous On After School Club He Had To Stop Looking At Her

It’s Jimin vs. Kino in this episode.

PENTAGON were guests on the 380th episode of After School Club to promote their newest mini album, SUM(ME:R). In the episode, Kino was praised as the member of PENTAGON with the best facial expressions. Well, this king of facial expressions met his match with the queen of no facial expressions: Park Jimin.

Whenever Kino was asked to give a small performance he would inevitably look at the hosts for validation, and every time he looked at Jimin her called her out for her sour facial expressions. The first time, she said she was simply concentrating on him.

Moments later, Kino got up to give them another show, and looked back at Jimin who still wasn’t looking like she was enjoying it.

This time Jimin said she was trying to get mad with Kino; the lyrics he was dancing to were “I get mad”, so she was trying to feel that too!

This hilarious back-and-forth between a flustered Kino and a defensive Jimin continued throughout the episode. All things seemed fine until Kino was asked what choreography he’d do for their song “Summer”…

Once again, Jimin was looking either blankly or confused, because Kino instantly got embarrassed after looking at her. The room burst out in laughter as Jimin had to finally tell Kino to stop looking at her.

We don’t know who to feel worse for: Kino, whose hopes & dreams kept being shattered by Jimin’s face, or Jimin, whose face never truly conveys her emotions. At the end of the day, PENTAGON had a great time on ASC amidst all of the playful banter between Kino and Jimin.