Park Jimin Opened Up About Overcoming Bullying In School

It was a tough situation, but there was light to guide her through.

In Park Jimin‘s episode of Cheers To What’s Next, she opened up on a variety of topics. The first she discussed was how she’d handled bullying in her younger years.

When she was living and studying abroad in Thailand, Jimin remembered not having any worries. She was “very happy and carefree.” In short, she “didn’t have much stress of any kind.” When she traveled to Korea and returned to school, that’s when things weren’t as enjoyable.

Jimin opened up and shared her experience with bullies. “Kids would cut my hair without me knowing, and they would tease and bully me.” Their meanness didn’t end there. She remembered one incident that was particularly cruel and petty.

Her bullies wouldn’t give her a break, even for something as little as a piece of outerwear. Seemingly wanting nothing other than to cause unhappiness, she revealed, “Once in the winter, I wore a parka, and they glued it to ruin my jacket.”

On top of causing physical harm in a lot of cases, bullying can cause emotional distress in many, if not all. Jimin admitted, “I really couldn’t stand it and had a difficult time.” Thanks to someone who paid close attention, there was a way her situation got better.

In her diary at school, Jimin had written that she wanted to return to Thailand. Her call for help didn’t go unnoticed, “That led to an intervention with my teacher, with whom I shared that I was unhappy at school.”

After expressing her true feelings, Jimin was helped more by writing down her dream of being a singer for a class activity. The teacher once again noticed and “suggested that [she] join the school talent show and sing for [her] peers.”

Jimin was then better able to handle the bullying she faced with the help of the friends she’d made, “The group of kids who did music approached me and befriended me. Thanks to music, school became a little bit easier for me.”

Despite what she faced at such a young age, Jimin has not only shown how talented she is but how strong and well-rounded she is.

She didn’t let those bullies get the best of her and kept being a beautiful person. Listen to Jimin talk about overcoming the rough times and working through them here.

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