Park Jin Young’s Concept For TWICE Was “Healthy,” Here’s The Heartwarming Explanation Why

There was something much more important than physical beauty.

TWICE is one of the most popular girl groups around. Their visuals are stunning, along with beautiful vocals to match. Although they seem to have it all, there was one thing Park Jin Young had in mind when creating the group.

Above anything else, he wanted them to be healthy. In the first episode of TWICE: Seize The Light, he explained just what that meant to him and the group.

When it comes to creating an idol group, beauty is something that’s definitely part of the equation. Park Jin Young added another ingredient, “The concept in my head was ‘healthy.’ What I meant by ‘healthy’ is to have a beautiful and healthy mind in addition to external beauty.”

Because of that thinking, he decided he would try something different in his approach to TWICE. Rather than simply following along as they change their styling and concepts, he wanted to show their growth as people, “What if I share the journey of these healthy children.”

Park Jin Young didn’t want the group to be thrown into concepts for the sake of doing them. He specified how the members would naturally shine by “growing diligently, sincerely, and ethically.”

Not only would they mature alongside one another, but they would show that to “the public through music and various content.” Based on everything that TWICE has achieved and experienced, it appears that the “healthy” concept was the best choice.

ONCEs have stuck by the group’s side as they matured into senior artists and prioritized their health above everything else.

Watch Park Jin Young reveal what sets TWICE apart and makes them shine even brighter together.