Park Jin Young Doesn’t Regret Rejecting So Many Artists From JYP Entertainment, Here’s Why

Park Jin Young also reveals the idol he “regrets” rejecting the most.

It’s quite well known that JYP Entertainment has rejected a lot of talented people when they tried to audition for the company.

On an episode of Weekly Idol, Park Jin Young was a guest on the show. One of the MC’s was EXID‘s Hani, who was also rejected from JYP Entertainment. When the other MC’s asked about the idols he most regrets letting go, Hani was his first selection. Park Jin Young saw Hani’s potential after viewing her viral fancam of “Up & Down”.

There was just something amazing about Hani, and Park Jin Young was just in awe of her.

Park Jin Young also reveals the reason why he has no regrets on JYP Entertainment rejecting so many people.

When Park Jin Young was beginning his career, he was rejected by SM Entertainment.

Park Jin Young now views this positively, as it helped him grow as an artist, and is what ultimately helped build JYP Entertainment.

Here is the full video below!