Park Jin Young Gives A Playful Critique On BTOB Sungjae’s JYP Entertainment Audition…And Sungjae Responds Back

Sungjae was a bit resentful?

BTOB‘s Sungjae once auditioned for JYP Entertainment, but didn’t make the cut and wasn’t accepted to the company.

On an episode of Master in the House, Park Jin Young gave an evaluation on Sungjae’s audition clip. Park Jin Young gives an honest answer and isn’t sure how to evaluate the audition.

After thinking some more, Park Jin Young jokingly tells that Sungjae’s hairstyle might have been a big reason as to why he wasn’t accepted into the company.

Sungjae was a bit shocked by this comment and wasn’t afraid to let his feelings be known to Park Jin Young.

Park Jin Young was in disbelief and couldn’t help but laugh at Sunjae’s comment.

Park Jin Young even points out the details of where Sungjae’s hairstyle was flawed and could have been improved upon.

Here is the full video below!