Park Jin Young Reveals Why He Was A Little Surprised When He Ate Dinner With TWICE’s Momo For The First Time

Park Jin Young was surprised to see this side of Momo!

Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment, has a great relationship with the TWICE members and knows them pretty well. However, there was one time when TWICE’s Momo surprised him a bit.

Park Jin Young
TWICE’s Momo

During an interview, Park Jin Young was asked about some of the unexpected sides of the members, and he didn’t hesitate with his answer.

He talked about the first time he had dinner with Momo and how it was a “shocking” event.

Park Jin Young was shocked when he saw Momo’s appetite, as she ate more meat than 2 men would usually eat.

Not only was Park Jin Young shocked, but the owner of the meat shop was also surprised, as he said that he had never seen a person eat that much before.

Park Jin Young concluded by stating that Momo’s power and energy when she dances probably comes from her appetite.

Here’s the full video below!