Park Jin Young Once Revealed That Personal Experience Is The Reason Why He Doesn’t Encourage His Artists To Date

Park Jin Young went through a lot of hardships due to dating early in his career.

JYP Entertainment has a strict rule where their artists aren’t allowed to date for the first three years of their careers. On an episode of Life Bar, Park Jin Young revealed that personal experience is the reason why he discourages his artists from dating, especially early in their careers. When Park Jin Young was beginning his career as a singer, he shockingly revealed his relationship status to the public.

At the time, singers usually hid their relationships with the public, especially new singers. When Park Jin Young truthfully stated his relationship status, it shocked many people.

Park Jin Young also confesses that while his songs were still popular, his popularity dropped a bit.

Park Jin Young also shares that this is the reason why he advises his artists to not date. Kim Hee Chul finds this hilarious, as Park Jin Young himself dated during his career.

Park Jin Young emphasizes just how hard of a time he had just because he publically revealed that he was dating.

Park Jin Young also reveals that saying confessions to fans can be a little difficult if you’re in a relationship. Where those that aren’t in a relationship can say “I love you” to their fans freely.

Park Jin Young felt that those words weren’t genuine for his situation.

He also shares that not being able to appreciate his fans at the beginning of his career is one of his regrets.

Here is the full video below!