Park Jin Young Reveals Why JYP’s Dating Ban Had To Be Changed

An old statement from J.Y Park resurfaced in light of the recent speculations that erupted from Mina and BamBam’s photo

A former statement from J.Y. Park himself was recently uploaded on an online community board. The post contained screen captures from a previous television appearance where he talked about JYP Entertainment’s dating ban.

“The dating ban was initially five years. But no one kept the rule, so it was shorted to three.”

-J.Y Park

The agency and their artists have publicly talked about the dating ban in the past. The dating ban includes the artist to not date nor meet friends for at least three years into their debut and focus to their practices instead. The ban is lifted once the artists become more established after three years.

He tried to impose a dating ban but it wasn’t apparently followed.
As a result, he shortened it to three years.

The statement was similar to the agency’s neutral approach when their artists are speculated to be dating. Recently, they had to issue their official stance about Mina and BamBam’s intimate photo. The photo was only deemed to be candid with no other malice intent.

Other artists that have had their ban lifted under the agency includes 2PM, miss A, and Wonder Girls.

Source: Pann