SBS Looking To Launch New Music Talk Show Hosted By Park Jinyoung

On February 1, Korean news outlet Herald Pop reported that JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jinyoung and broadcasting channel SBS are currently working on launching a music talk show.

The news article reported that Park Jinyoung’s music talk show would air in March, with Park Jinyoung as the main host of the show. It further detailed that they are in the midst of planning its launch. According to one insider, the show focuses on specific trends in music and will have several other elements that will help to differentiate it from other music talk shows.

However, an insider from SBS has responded to this report, explaining that detailed talks and discussions about plans to start filming and airing have not yet been discussed.

“If it goes according to plan, it may be possible to start airing as early as March, but as of now, plans for filming and other specific details have not yet been decided.”

Source: Herald Pop