Park Jisun Mentions D.O. As The Celebrity She Has Met With The Best Personality

He is the friendliest!

Recently, MC and comedian Park Jisun visited a school. While during the Q&A, she mentioned EXO‘s D.O. (also known as Do Kyungsoo) as the friendliest celebrity she’s ever met.

One of the students asked,

Who is the celebrity that you’ve met that has the best personality?

She recalled the time she met D.O. during her time as the MC for EXO’s showcase. She said that all the members were nice, but D.O. was exceptionally kind, even giving him a hug and thanking her.

For another event, Swings Kids, she was originally standing away from the other actors, but D.O. gestured for her to come over and stand next to him.

What a gentleman!

Source: Kyungsoo Updates