Former Soccer Player Park Jisung Gets Jealous After His Wife Talks About BTS’s Jimin

He can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy.

Former soccer player Park Jisung couldn’t help but get jealous after his wife, who is part of the BTS ARMY, brought up member Jimin.

In the most recent episode of MBC’s Three Parks: The Second Heart, Park and his wife Kim Minji shared their daily life in Jeju.

As they prepared lunch together, his wife looked hesitant to say something to Park. After a bit more thought, she stated, “I know you’re not going to like that I’m saying this, but BTS’s Jimin wore the shirt that you are wearing.”

Surprised at her comment, Park responded, “Is it okay to say it like that? It sounds like you’re really close with him as if you know him,” showing off a bit of jealousy.

His wife replied back, “But I know him!” showing her pride as an ARMY.

Fans that saw this interaction couldn’t agree with her more.

  • “Of course we know Jimin, although we haven’t met we have a special connection.”
  • “I know Jimin too!”
  • “How cute is this couple!”
  • “I know Jimin too haha I’m his best friend he just doesn’t know about it.”

I know ARMYs out there can relate to Park’s wife about this too! We sometimes know so much about the members that it really does feel like we know them!

Source: newsen