Park Kyung Shows His Brains By Easily Solving This English Question

Can you solve the question?

Park Kyung is recognized as one of the smartest celebrities in Korea, where he has revealed his Mensa IQ score of 156 in the past.

On an episode of Problematic Men, Park Kyung showed his smarts once again after his quick answer to an English question. The question was to fill in the blanks and to make 3 words that connected with each other.

Almost immediately after the question was shown, Park Kyung found the answer.

Park Kyung gave hints by telling the other cast members to look at the letters provided, as well as the lines provided in order to get started on the answer.

Park Kyung gives more hints once he explains that one of the words is almost given already.

Despite all these hints and getting one of the words correct, the cast members are still confused about the answer.

Park Kyung eventually explains the answer to the cast. He starts by filling out the word “NOON” with the letters available. The next word that he fills out is “MORNING”, which is related to the word “NOON”.

The final word of the question is “NIGHT”, which is also related to the previous 2 words of the answer.

Here is the full video below!

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