Park Myung Soo Offers His Honest Thoughts About The End of “Infinite Challenge”

“Due to program restructuring, we had no choice.”

After it was announced that the original cast members of Infinite Challenge were not going to return for season 2 of the program, Park Myung Soo shared his thoughts on the matter.


On the March 14 broadcast of GPark Radio, many listeners were calling in to ask Park Myung Soo about how he felt about Infinite Challenge ending.


Due to the amount of inquiries, Park Myung Soo finally spoke up on the matter.

“I resigned from Infinite Challenge. Due to program restructuring, we had no choice.” — Park Myung Soo


He then shared his plans for after Infinite Challenge ends.

“Because so many people are wondering, I am speaking up personally. After Infinite Challenge is done, I am going to take a break.” — Park Myung Soo


Fellow cast member HaHa also publicly shared his opinion on Infinite Challenge ending.


On March 14, HaHa uploaded a rap message to comedian Yoo Byung Jae on his personal Instagram account. In the message, HaHa‘s son asks him if the show is really over.

Is Infinite Challenge really over?” — HaHa’s son

No, we are forever.” — HaHa


You can watch the Instagram message below:

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Source: SBS, E News, quanhaha79 and Naver
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