Park Myung Soo Claims Financing a Gift for Your Lover Is the Worst Thing You Can Do

Park Myung Soo’s at it again with his words of “wisdom(?)”…

Comedian Park Myung Soo recently talked about experiences that led to people wasting their money on his most recent Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show broadcast.

One listener shared their experience by sharing, “I financed a laptop for my younger boyfriend. But we broke up.

In response Park Myung Soo gave a very direct and refreshing answer by saying, “Financing gifts between lovers is a fatal thing to do.


The reason why he thinks that way is because if you buy a gift for your significant other and finance it, you’ll have to continue to pay off that item for a long period of time even after you break up.

In addition to this, they also talked about a person who spent big money on a gym membership but they ended up gaining it all back and a person who made a joint account but the other person ran away with all the money.

Knowing Park Myung Soo’s personality, he likely gave very direct and refreshing responses to those situations as well, and it’s hard to deny that the man speaks the honest truth.

Source: Dispatch