Park Myung Soo Receiving Heavy Criticism After Poorly Treating Female Celebrities

He tried to make it as a joke, but viewers disagree.

Television host and comedian Park Myung Soo is receiving criticism after many viewers believed he mistreated the female cast members on a show.


On the latest episode of tvN Salty Tour, Park Myung Soo, Park Na Rae, and Momoland‘s JooE were part of the group traveling through Vladivostok, Russia.

Salty Tour is a travel program where the cast visits different parts of the world and tries to have the most enjoyable trip possible, while on a budget.


The group stopped for a quick break near a light pole, and Park Myung Soo decided they should make a quick gag. That gag involved slamming her head into the light pole.

While it looks like Park Narae’s head didn’t hit the light pole, many viewers think her head did make contact, and she was playing it off like it didn’t.


Not one to miss out on an opportunity, he also made JooE participate, even though she said she was afraid for her nose, which she received plastic surgery for.

Park Myung Soo did not push JooE as hard as he pushed Park Na Rae.


In the past, he has come under criticism for mistreating AOA‘s Seolhyun, shoving her in the head after she dropped an egg on Brave Family.

After this clip became an issue, he mentioned on his radio show “how could I hit a girl?” and was upset that one brief clip became a big issue at the time. The show’s PD also commented that the incident was too blown up and there was no malicious intent.


However Park Myung Soo’s past also contradicts his words, as he revealed on Happy Together that he once hit his girlfriend after they got into a fight when she lied to him.

“In the past, I hit my ex-girlfriend 100 times.” — Park Myung Soo


Koreans are visibly frustrated with Park Myung Soo’s actions.

  • “F**K what is Park Myung Soo doing to Park Na Rae?? This is supposed to be funny? How did this end up on broadcast?”
  • “He’s had filthy hands for a while, he just feigns ignorance.”
  • “Wow… look at the surprise from the people watching from behind them.”
  • “There’s a rookie to variety off at the side and even the subtitles mentioned that. What kind of broadcast is this?”
  • “Park Myung Soo is seriously crazy #Park_Myung_Soo_OUT”
Source: KMIB