Park Seo Joon Revealed Details About His Close Friendship With BTS’s V — And It’s Totally Relatable

Park Seo Joon shared a touching detail about his friendship with V.

Sometimes, hearing about the close friendship between BTS‘s and Park Seo Joon can be a bit overwhelming for fans, since these two are among the most popular Korean celebrities in the world of Korean entertainment today.

After all, V is a famous member of the legendary group BTS — the worldwide famous group that almost everyone has heard of.

With their multiple awards and never-ending brand partnerships, BTS is a worldwide phenomenon.

And of course, Park Seo Joon is also a huge celebrity in the world of K-Dramas.

His latest drama Itaewon Class has gained a massive following: its final episode recorded a 16.548% nationwide audience share, making it the seventh highest rated drama in Korean cable television history.

Like BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon also has a lot of brand partnerships — take his recent commercial film with none other than IU as an example of his popularity: it’s not everyday that a Korean actor can just share the spotlight with one of Korea’s top stars, right?

With all these in mind, fans may find it a little intimidating to hear that BTS’s V and Park Seo Joon are actually close friends.

They’re extremely popular in their chosen field, so they’re super busy and dedicated to their craft — how can they even have time to bond as friends?

The answer to this question came from Park Seo Joon himself. In his recent interview with Esquire magazine, Park Seo Joon was asked this question:

Q: You seem to have a wide personal relations. You’re even close with V of BTS. You must be the type to take good care of your younger siblings.

And in response, Park Seo Joon said that “somehow, it happened that I’m really close with V”.

A: I’m really close with V, somehow it happened. I don’t think I take care of them. If the conversation code is correct, I meet my younger brothers just like he is my friend. We share our concerns, listen & talk if we can.
When we’re working in similar field, we face similar difficulties even though we’re in different positions.

– Park Seo Joon

For Park Seo Joon, his closeness with V happened somehow, perhaps when they both starred in the Korean drama Hwarang.

But they grew closer day by day, because, as he mentioned when he said that he treats his siblings as friends, he prefers to share his problems, listen and talk with his friends.

Maybe that’s one secret that everyone needs to take into consideration when building a long-lasting friendship: honest communication is a requirement.

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