Park Seo Joon Takes ASMR to the Next Level with His Sweet Honey Voice

Try not to get addicted.

Park Seo Joon recently appeared on the V Live broadcast, Actor&Chatter where he spoke about his upcoming film, Saja.

On the show, Park Seo Joon talked about Yoo Jae Ha‘s “You in My Arms”, which he sang on the popular hit drama, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.

He shared, “The script just said to sing a song, so I had to pick it out myself. I thought a long time about what to sing.”

Park Seo Joon was asked if he had heard of ASMR before to which he replied, “I’ve heard of it. But the one I listened to was of eating food, and I thought it was weird, so I turned it off right away.

He then proceeded to read the lyrics of Yoo Jae Ha’s song with his deep honey voice, and it’s sweet enough to melt anyone’s ears.

Check out the full clip below starting at 1:01:20:

Source: Dispatch