Park Seo Joon Went To Spain…And Spanish Girls Were All Falling In Love

She was on a date, but couldn’t stop talking about Park Seo Joon.

As part of the promotions for tvN’s reality show Youn’s Kitchen 2, actors Park Seo Joon and Lee Seo Jin served as wait staff at a restaurant in Spain.


When a Russian couple sat down to order some food, they couldn’t help but remark on how handsome their waiter, Lee Seo Jin, appeared, not realizing he was an actor.


As the female tourist continued looking around the restaurant, her eyes were stamped on Park Seo Joon, who was showing his bright smile and being courteous to other customers.

“WOW… look at him, his facial features are perfect. I think Korean men are handsome in general.”

— Female Youn’s Kitchen 2 customer


Naturally, as any savvy business owner would do when there is a someone that looks like Park Seo Joon working in your restaurant, Park Seo Joon was stationed at the front of the restaurant to lure customers in with his visuals.


We have a feeling this restaurant will do just fine.

Youn’s Kitchen is a Korean reality show that features celebrities opening a pop-up Korean restaurant in exotic places around the world and introducing the culture and food to foreigners. In season 1, they opened the restaurant in Indonesia, but for the second season, they opened a restaurant in Garachico, Spain.

Source: Souel EN