Park Shin Hye Couldn’t Help But Cry After Witnessing The Horrors Of Animal Poaching

Warning: May contain sensitive material.

In a documentary called Humanimal, Park Shin Hye went to Africa and witnessed the cruel reality for animals and how humans are constantly poaching them.

Park Shin Hye witnessed a horrifying scene when she saw an elephant carcass that was a victim of poaching.

There were clues pointing to that the elephant was poached due to the damages to the body.

The face was cut off, most likely meaning that the elephant was poached for its tusks.

It wasn’t only the face of the elephant that was badly harmed either. The poachers also cut the spine of the elephant so that it couldn’t defend itself. That way it would be easier to remove the tusks.

After witnessing this, Park Shin Hye couldn’t help but be in tears and shock over the whole situation. She was in shock and disbelief that humans would actually do these kinds of actions towards animals.