Park Shin Hye Was Once Asked About Her Happiness…And She Gave A Heartbreaking Answer

Park Shin Hye got a little emotional when talking about happiness in her life.

Korean celebrities rarely talk about their personal lives, as they may be shy about revealing too many details about themselves. On an episode of Little House in the Forest, Park Shin Hye was asked a question about her happiness.

When asked about the happiness in her own life, Park Shin Hye thinks of different words to describe her life. Happiness is not something she’s too sure about.

Park Shin Hye also struggles with a standard for happiness, as she doesn’t fully understand what true happiness should look like.

Park Shin Hye sheds a few tears once she starts thinking about the question more. Happiness is quite a complicated topic, so Park Shin Hye is unable to answer the question.

Park Shin Hye is also quite a selfless person, as she doesn’t like bothering people with her problems. She keeps all her problems to herself and tries to figure it out herself.

There is more in the full video below, such as So Ji Sub‘s answer to the question.