More Than His Girl: The Actress Who Was Overshadowed By Her K-Pop Boyfriend’s Fame

“Love and career are two separate things.”

Actress Park Si Yeon made a name for herself both as a runner-up in Miss Korea 2000…

Park Si Yeon |

And as an actress whose career has included popular movies and shows such as The Last Knights, When My Love Blooms, and Birthcare Center.


But in addition to her own work, at the start of her career, Park Si Yeon gained the most notoriety for her celebrity boyfriend, Shinhwa‘s Eric.

Shinhwa’s Eric

The two started dating in 2004 and gained immense attention from the public for their relationship. In fact, the public was so aware of Si Yeon and Eric’s relationship that Si Yeon felt better known as “Eric’s girl” rather than an actress or even model.

In a press conference for one of her dramas, My Girl, in 2005, Si Yeon opened up about the burdens of being a “celebrity girlfriend.”

Love and career are two separate things. I feel bad about the fact that people do not see me as an actress but only as the girlfriend of a popular celebrity.

— Park Si Yeon

Park Si Yeon in “My Girl”

Being known as Eric’s girlfriend was especially difficult for Si Yeon, who also admitted she’s “a very shy person.”

Behind the full make-up and costume, I am actually a very shy person. I don’t enjoy being at the center of attention, especially if it’s attention earned from being someone’s girlfriend.

— Park Si Yeon

Still, Si Yeon admitted that rather than focusing on the public’s view of her, she would instead work to ensure they could see her as a talented actress.

But I have realized that getting all worked up over the current situation won’t solve any problems, and thus, have been focusing only on developing my acting skills.

— Park Si Yeon


Si Yeon and Eric eventually broke up around three years after they started dating, and Si Yeon has continued to prove her acting skill and modeling talent.


Although unfortunately, Si Yeon has most recently been in the public’s eye for a significantly less positive reason.

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Source: The Korea Herald
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