Park So Dam Revealed Her “Parasite” Award Trophies Got Her In Some Trouble

“This incident really flustered me.”

On a recent episode of Knowing Brothers, Park So Dam tested the cast to see if they could figure out what flustered her: “this year, this incident really flustered. What was it?

Park So Dam started by informing the members that the Chatroom between the Parasite cast is still very active and that they helped create her question.

The cast threw out various guesses; however, they were all incorrect.

It wasn’t until she helped the cast out and gave them the hint that her “crew for parasite was stopped by the airport security.

From there, Super Junior’s Heechul guessed the correct answer.

They didn’t know you had trophies and the workers asked what they were. They asked if they were weapons. They said you had to be questioned, so they stopped you.

— Heechul

Once she confirmed Heechul’s answered right, he celebrated by singing Park So Dam’s iconic line in the movie: “Jessica, only daughter, from Ilinois, Chicago.

Park So Dam then proceeded to talk about the incident in full detail. She claimed that she and the cast thought about how to bring back their trophies safely. They thought they devised a great plan; however, their extra precautions caused them trouble with the airport security.

It was risk to put the trophies in the checked-in luggage. Right? How could we do that? They might break too. So we packed them in suitcases. We thoroughly wrapped the trophies with bubble wrap, but the trophy weighs about 6kg. So it’s heavy and it’s metal. They though it was some kind of weapon.

— Park So Dam

Park So Dam humorously finished her story and said that the airport security was surprised to find trophies and the cast had to re-wrap the trophies: “so we wrapped the trophies again.”

Check out the clip below:

Source: Nate