Park Yoochun Appears On The “Rumor Has It” Trailer And Sparks Intense Criticism Online

“I can’t believe he has the audacity to return to TV…”

On May 8, 2020, Channel A‘s official YouTube channel shared a trailer for the television program Rumor Has It…

… and the upcoming featured guest had the internet shook. The trailer captured Park Yoochun, who had retired from the Korean entertainment industry after being found guilty of drug use, in an exclusive interview with Rumor Has It.

The trailer also hinted that Park Yoochun will personally explain everything about his meth controversy…

… as well as his “desperate attempt” at the press conference in which he lied about his charges.

I couldn’t think clearly at the time…

— Park Yoochun

Park Yoochun shed tears in the trailer as he revealed that he “learned the value of his family, friends, and loyal fans.”

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but… Yes, it was hard on me. It was a tough time. I regret it so much…

— Park Yoochun

With the trailer fueling the online suspicion of his comeback, Korean netizens are yet again outraged. Most believe Channel A is wrong to “allow a criminal to come back on television” while others believe Park Yoochun is “shameless to try selling his drug story to the public.”

  • “Are they serious…?”
  • “I can’t believe he has the audacity to return to TV after putting the nation through all of that. I can’t believe this channel has the audacity to let him appear. It’s disgusting. Look at those sad captions. Is he trying to appeal for pity? Have some decency and know what is shameful.”
  • “Wow… What even happened to him? T-T”
  • “Why would any channel sign up to be the platform for him to explain himself? It’s ridiculous. Just f*ck off.”
  • “This makes me nauseous. Has television gone mad? I can’t even re-watch my favorite K-Drama because he’s in it…”
  • “LMAO, what a joke. It hasn’t even been that long since everything blew up. I can’t believe he’s already out to rake in the pity support. Hilarious.”

This episode of Rumor Has It featuring Park Yoochun is set to air May 11, 2020.

Watch the full trailer here:

Source: THEQOO