Netizens Revisit Past Photos of Park Yoochun with Severe Wounds on His Hands and Legs

Fans previously assumed the wounds were from a condition like shingles.

Following the discovery of Philophon in Park Yoochun’s leg hair, his arrest, and his ultimate confession to the accusations of illegal drug use, past photos of Park Yoochun‘s hands and legs have resurfaced.

In one of the past photos taken by fans, Park Yoochun’s legs appear to be swollen with numerous wounds all over the back of his calves.


And in another photo, Park Yoochun’s hands seem swollen with wounds all over the tips of his fingers.

Many previously assumed that the wounds resulted from a condition like shingles, but following Park Yoochun’s confession to the accusations, there is the suspicion that those wounds actually resulted from illegal drug use.

One netizen pointed out that wounds of this nature are commonly seen in those who inject themselves with Philophon and raised the suspicion that he could have been using the drug for quite some time.

It’s also been said that Philophon addicts are prone to suffering skin necrosis that resembles wounds resulting from shingles.

Park Yoochun is currently suspected of having bought 1.5 grams of Philophon with Hwang Hana and injecting a portion of it on five different occasions.


Source: Dispatch