The Part-Time Job ATEEZ’s San Had As A Teenager That Surprised ATEEZ Members

He’s always been so hard-working.

While promoting their new comeback, ATEEZ were asked to review facts about themselves that were posted online, and there were plenty of accurate ones that even the members were surprised by.

One fact about San that took the other members by surprise is that, as a teenager, San used to harvest garlic.

This unexpected fact seemed a little hard to believe for the members at first, but San, after laughing a little at the picture of his younger self working…

…confirmed that it was indeed a true fact, and that he used to have a part-time job harvesting garlic with his friends when he was a teenager in Namhae.

This is definitely an interesting and surprising fact about San, but it also goes to show just how hard-working he has always been. San is an extremely committed person, and knowing that he has always been this hard-working is sure to only make fans feel even more proud of him.

You can watch the full video below to find out more interesting facts about ATEEZ!


Source: YouTube